“Acorn & Branch has provided reliable service maintaining our home and rental properties for the past 5 years. Glen always has a creative way to solve our garden problems, even including updating the look, re-building broken stonework and installing new fences.” – the Parks, Victoria B.C.

“Acorn & Branch have done three projects for us: a general post-winter yard clean-up, a complete re-build of the driveways and replacement of old rock walls with boulder walls.  In each case, the work was done promptly, thoroughly and enthusiastically.  The driveway was a design that Glen suggested, and the construction and workmanship, from the sub-surface base to the finishing details, were excellent.  We’ve had lots of compliments from neighbours and passers-by.  The boulder wall was also largely Glen’s design, and he worked very hard fitting and re-fitting each boulder so that the walls flowed.

The company was easy to deal with.  Glen and his crew were very collaborative on each step in the projects, and were respectful, hard working and cheerful throughout.” – D & L Evans, Victoria, BC